A Few Quick Updates

Tonight is Austin’s Nerd Nite for July! Doors open at 7:30 pm at The North Door, and the talks begin at 8. I’m not sure if I’ll be first, second, or third in presentation order, but I’ll be up there, talking about my current research. I’m so excited to return to the Nerd Nite stage!

My paper proposal for the London Science Fiction Research Community’s Conference was accepted. So, it looks like I’ll be adding a third conference to my summer Mega-Con Trip in Europe! Finances are rather tight, so feel free to become my patron on Patreon or donate to my Mega-Con Trip funds via PayPal. I could use the help!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I’ve added a new tier on Patreon, in anticipation of beginning to start working on the YouTube series I have in my head, though I know that it is unrealistic to think that I might get much done on the in the next five weeks before I leave for my European Mega-Con Trip. But, my patrons at the Basic and Contributing levels will get sneak-peeks at some of my presentations before I present them in Europe, as well as sets of all of my PowerPoint presentations on my Questioning Mononormativity research as I build them!

Thanks for reading!

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