Two Down, One to Go!

I’m back in Berlin after the Productive Futures conference held by the London Science Fiction Research Community. I had a great time, as they are a very welcoming and enthusiastic group, and was in the audience for many extremely interesting paper presentations, keynote talks, and round-table discussions. Of course I also presented my paper on correlations between social science research on CNM families and CNM families represented in SF fiction. That video is forthcoming; expect it some time next month!

Speaking (or writing, actually) of videos, an unedited and raw copy of my WorldCon Dublin presentation on the amorys in Ian McDonald’s Luna series is about to go live over on my Patreon page as exclusive early access content for my patrons. I’ll still be editing it and adding in PowerPoint slides before hosting it on my YouTube channel, as always, but if you just can’t wait then this is the time for you to become my Patreon patron! It is scheduled to post at 4pm US Central, and my supporting-level patrons are welcome to ask me any lingering questions to be answered in the final version that is posted for the general public.

I have a few days to rest, and then it’ll be time for the 10th annual Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung conference! Shortly after that, I’ll be finally returning to the US to sleep for a week and recover from the MegaCon adventure I’m having. Then I’ll get to work on editing the conference videos for public viewing and writing the remainder of the Questioning Mononormativity text. Well, that’s what I’ve been calling it, anyway; the publisher will probably want some input on the final title. Cheers until next post; tschüs!

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