The Best Laid Plans …

I apologize for it being so long since I’ve updated here. Upon my return from Europe, I discovered that my house-sitter had practically destroyed my home. When I was done cleaning and fixing everything, then I discovered they had also infested my place with bedbugs. And my computer had suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure, which cost me some of my CNM research notes. And then loved ones died. And then the Western holiday season was in full swing. I’m just now catching my breath after recovering my home, which is also my office, and my life after my most-recent European trip.

Fortunately, my brain has very solid recall, so it won’t take too much more than time to recreate the research notes lost when my hard drive failed. I’ve now started to do that work, as I had to wait to do so until I could remove my PC from my home without fears that I might be accidentally transporting bedbugs in the process of having it rebuilt. So, I am wildly behind my intended schedule for posting the conference videos from last summer’s end / fall’s beginning, and the writing of my critical text has also been much delayed. But, it’s nice to be able to get back to work on the CMN in SFF text.

I’ll be sure to drop a note here when I upload 2019 conference videos, for those interested in watching them.

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