Private Tutoring Subscriptions Now Available!

As remote education has put a strain on parents and college students everywhere, I have experienced an increased demand for my tutoring services. In order to make it easier for myself and my tutoring clients, I am now establishing recurring subscription options on PayPal. If you wish to hire me as a tutor for yourself or your dependent, you can find more information on my new “Tutoring Services” tab!

You can also contact me through the contact form here, and let me know what your needs are. I’ll respond via email and we can create a plan that works best for you. Once we have made arrangements for remote tutoring, I can create a PayPal subscription plan for you if I don’t already have one that is suitable. Then, you can focus on what you need to, and the plan will auto-bill you until you cancel your tutoring sessions.

In the future, I look forward to resuming in-person tutoring with you or your dependent, but am I thankful to be able to offer online tutoring during the pandemic and excited to make it easier on you to get my help!

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